Naveen Jindal attempted to shoot the messenger: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

Prima facie rejecting the clarifications presented by Naveen Jindal on Coalgate, the BJP said on Wednesday that it was an effort to hide the truth.

Updated: Oct 25, 2012, 20:43 PM IST

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Prima facie rejecting the clarifications presented by Congress MP Naveen Jindal on Coalgate, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said on Thursday that it was an effort to hide the truth.

Talking exclusively to Zee News, BJP national vice president said, “This is just an attempt to tell the country a false story and hide the truth. It shows how some people are blinded by power and money. This is the first time in history that some person is accusing an institution of blackmail pertaining to an agreement for five or ten years. I have never seen any blackmailer to go for an agreement for five or ten years.”

On being asked why Jindal did not take questions on the facts that he presented before the media, the BJP spokesperson said, “This is an attempt to shoot the messenger. And in the process put a veil on the message. There was no attempt to answer questions on the coal scam by the Congress MP. I feel Naveen Jindal has been caught on the wrong foot.”

In a scathing attack on Jindal, the BJP leader said that those who did not have any answers to give will only run away from questions. “The wrongs that he has committed will tarnish his company’s and his party’s name. What he did today was childish,” he added.

Reacting on RTI activist being manhandled in today’s press conference by Jindal, Naqvi said that this was a ‘mafia’ style of working. “They are trying to tarnish the image of the same media which exposed coalgate. They will make false stories on the media,” he further said.

“They have money and power and feel that they can scare anyone,” Naqvi said on being questioned as to why there was an army of police officials present at Jindal’s press conference.

The BJP spokesperson also maintained that the coal scam should be probed under the guidance of the judiciary. “They attacked an RTI activist; they attacked a TV channel’s reputation and who knows tomorrow they will attack some newspaper. This is a mafia style of working – they can kill whoever they please”, he reiterated.

Naqvi also assured the nation that the matter of coalgate will be brought up in Parliament. “They made a sting, they made a CD. What is this? You will call anyone for advertisement and then do sting on them. All the TV channels will have to do introspection now. You never know what story they will do against whom,” he said referring to Naveen Jindal’s tapes on Zee News Editor and Zee Business Editor.