Naveen Jindal presents farcical evidence; attempt to divert attention from demand for independent probe in the Coalgate scam

Zee News condemns and completely rejects the CD produced by Naveen Jindal against Sudhir Chaudhary and Samir Ahluwalia.

New Delhi: Refer today’s press conference by Mr. Naveen Jindal and JSPL, me and my colleague – Samir Ahluwalia, Editor – Zee Business, condemn and completely reject the CD produced by Mr. Jindal against us. We see this as a deliberate attempt to malign and to defame us.

We have been the forerunner in exposing Naveen Jindal’s double standard as a politician and industrialist in Coalgate scam. To suppress the coverage that Zee News was telecasting on Coalgate, Corporate Communications team from JSPL first tried to bribe Samir Ahluwalia with Rs 25 cr, which he declined straightway. This was an offer from JSPL to stop the coverage of Coalgate scam. Undeterred the JSPL team offered Zee News and Zee Business and advertising deal of Rs.100 crore, to somehow stop the coverage on air.

In pursuit of seeking truth in the Coalgate scam, we have had several interactions with Jindal and with his officials. His chose to display an edited/ doctored CD where only selected portions are shown. Mr. Jindal has a history of unfairly targeting those who dare to confront him with the truth.

Attempts by media houses like Zee News to bring out the final truth in the Rs.1.86 lac crore Coalgate scam are being muzzled by Mr. Naveen Jindal by distorting the truth. The CAG has listed Naveen Jindal promoted JSPL as a primary beneficiary in the Coalgate scam.

In view of the fact that similar false allegations have been made by Naveen Jindal and his officials against us in a police complaint, his press conference this afternoon is a clear, subversion of the due process of law. Clearly, we see this as an attempt to prejudice and defame us and to overreach the investigation in this regard.

We see the attempt today by Naveen Jindal to come out with the video as a deliberate attempt to not only suppress us but also silence the growing demand for an independent probe in the Coalgate scam.

Zee News is undeterred by such diversionary tactics adopted by Jindal and JSPL and would stay focused on unraveling the ultimate truth in the Rs.1.86 lacs crore Coalgate scam.

Sudhir Chaudhary (Editor – Zee News)

Samir Ahluwalia (Editor – Zee Business)