Naxals kill cop; No swap demand, says PC

P Chidambaram said that there was no demand from Naxals for any swap of prisoners for the abducted cop.

Last Updated: Oct 07, 2009, 08:44 AM IST

New Delhi: Home Minister P Chidambaram on Tuesday
made it clear that there was no demand from Naxals for any
swap of prisoners for the policeman whose body with severed
head was found this morning in Jharkhand.

Terming the act as "cold blooded" murder, Chidambaram said,
"If the Naxals have any demand they should place their demand.
But cold blooded murder is simply not acceptable. I condemn
He was reacting to reports that Naxals wanted to swap
arrested Maoist leader Kobad Ghandy in exchange of policeman
Francis Induwar, kidnapped on September 30. His body was found
this morning at Raisha Ghati about 12 km from Ranchi.

"The (Jharkhand) DGP has told me that there was no demand
for a swap of prisoners. Besides, we are governed by the rule
of law and prisoners are under the custody of court. We cannot
swap prisoners with those who are outside the purview of law,
who take the law in their hands," he said.

Asked whether this action of Naxals came ahead of a full
fledged crackdown against Maoists planned by the Centre, he
said, "We have not announced anything, we have not said
anything. These are media speculations.

"All we have said is that following our assessment that
the Naxalite threat is a grave threat to internal security,
the centre will provide support to the state police forces to
continue their operations against the Maoists," he said.

The Home Minister said the Maoists` "grand scheme" to
create "liberated zone" would not succeed as every government
was duty bound to protect its people and ensure that the writ
of civil administration runs in every part of the state.

"That is what the government is doing and the Naxalites
think that they can continue their armed liberated struggle.
They are wrong. They have to put an end to the so called
theory of armed liberation struggle," he said.

The Home Minister said the action from Maoists could be
seen as reaction following arrests of some of their top
leaders recently.

"Since we have succeeded in arresting a few leaders of
CPI (Maoists), it is possible that they have stepped up their
violence," he said.
The Home Minister said if the Maoists had any "genuine
developmental" demand, that could have been considered.

"But the DGP told me that no demand was placed before the
government and all that they found was a mutilated body," he

The Home Minister said, "I want to assure the special
branch officials of Jharkhand that we are deeply grieved and
his family will be provided compensation and other means of

Chidambaram said it was possible that the Naxalites would
be able to capture one or two police officers but the
government did not function like them or kill people in cold

"We produce those arrested before a court of law and deal
with them according to law," he said.

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