Next Parl session won`t be washed out over Coalgate: Sharad

Key NDA ally Janata Dal-United claimed the next Parliament session will not be washed out over the coal controversy unlike the previous one.

Updated: Oct 15, 2012, 15:29 PM IST

New Delhi: Key NDA ally Janata Dal-United Monday claimed the next Parliament session will not be washed out over the coal controversy unlike the previous one and demanded the government convene a two-month Winter session to discuss all issues concerning people.

"The next Parliament session will definitely run. The Winter Session will not be disrupted even for a day. Congress may run away from the House but we will not run," Yadav, who is also the NDA convener, told reporters here.

When pointed out that the last Parliament session was almost completely washed out as BJP had remained adamant on resignation of the Prime Minister over the coal issue, Yadav said, "it was unfortunate that the session could not run as it is Parliament where the country`s issues are discussed". He added that it will not be repeated this time.

"There could be a demand for the resignation of the Prime Minister but there will be no rigidity on the issue...An attempt will be made to bring together the entire Opposition and other parties on the issue," Yadav said.

Though JD-U had joined BJP in protests on coal block allocation issue in Parliament in the Monsoon session but there were enough indications from the party that it did not favour the boycott of Parliament over the BJP`s demand for the resignation of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the issue.

Yadav said he had never sought the Prime Minister`s resignation though the NDA was united in its opposition to the government on the issue. "Did you hear me saying that the PM should resign? We don`t demand resignation. Demands made for the resignation (of Prime Minister) have so far failed to elicit any response," he said.

The JD-U chief stressed that Winter session of Parliament should be held for two months so that all important are discussed.

"The only solution, in my opinion, to address the issues of the country is to devote maximum time by MPs in sessions of Parliament. Many important issues have taken a back seat due to Parliament being not in session. Parliament represents 120 crore people and public opinions are formed only through this forum, which is supreme in our country," he said.

Yadav also slammed Arvind Kejriwal and India Against Corruption for "diverting" attention from real problems of the country through its "daily chorus" on "personal issues" and advised it to approach the court on alleged links between Robert Vadra and real estate major DLF.

He also criticised Kejriwal team for saying that they have no faith in government probe into the alleged financial misappropriation in Law Minister Salman Khurshid`s NGO and said the country is not developed by "attacking individuals".

Yadav at the same time came down heavily on Law Minister Salman Khurshid for addressing a press conference on the issue yesterday, saying it did not behove a Cabinet Minister.

"The manner in which Salman Khurshid, a Cabinet Minister addressed media on the issue was shocking. I have never seen such devaluation of politics. He should not forget that he is a minister. Is it necessary for a Cabinet Minister to reply to everything? His party could have done it. I am ashamed that a Cabinet minister does it in this manner -- waving photographs to prove that he has not done anything wrong," Yadav said.

The JD-U chief also criticised Kejriwal and his Team for their recent agitations including on against the power tariff hike in Delhi.

"They (Kejriwal and his team) cast doubts on everything. They have no trust in any court, any probe agency. The country is not made by targeting individuals. UP government already ordered a probe but you say that you don`t trust a government probe. The DLF issue is now in court. If you want to fight it, send your lawyer there and prove the case against him.

He said that had they (Team Kejriwal) demanded the autonomy of CBI, it would have fetched them the support of all parties. "But they demanded Lokpal as if it was a panacea for all ills," Yadav said.