No showcase of affiliation to force on social site

Army has asked its officers to remove all the information showing their affiliation to the service from their profiles on social networking websites.

New Delhi: The Indian Army has asked its
officers and personnel to remove all the pictures and
information showing their affiliation to the service from
their personal profiles on social networking websites such as
Facebook, Twitter and Orkut.

As per the circular issued in October last year, all
officers and personnel have been asked to remove such pictures
and information from their respective profiles in three months
and that deadline expires in the next few days, Army sources
said here.

Any officer found to be continuing to display his
affiliation will be dealt with strictly, they said.

Though the Army and the other two services have been
issuing circulars and advisories in this regard, a significant
number of their men still have put pictures and information
about their respective services on these websites.

It was observed by senior officials that officers and men
had put up their pictures with their service weapons.

However, the sources clarified that Army has not imposed
a blanket ban on its people to have their profiles on social
networking sites in personal capacity.

In a recent case, four Navy officers have been indicted
by an inquiry for leaking information on Facebook and action
has been recommended against them.

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Orkut, and
Twitter have emerged to be the popular choice of keeping in
touch with friends in the armed forces.


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