Nobody wanted a vote: Khurshid

This is a historic day", Khurshid said soon after the two Houses adopted the `Sense of the House`.

New Delhi: Law Minister Salman Khurshid,
who played a crucial role in negotiations with Team Anna,
tonight said the adoption of the "Sense of Parliament" on the
Lokpal Bill was "a victory of the people".

"It is a good development and a victory of the people.
All their (Team Anna) suggestions have been accepted in
principle. This is a historic day", Khurshid told reporters
soon after the two Houses adopted the `Sense of the House`.

"With full honesty and sincerity, we continued trying
to find a solution and did not lose hope. All the young
Ministers in the Cabinet also helped us a lot", he said.

Asked about the decision to send the entire records of
the debate on the Lokpal Bill in the two Houses to the
Standing Committee, he said "we think it is very important and
the Standing Committee will understand its importance".

He said the Standing Committee had "its own work to
do, it has its own powers and structures. The entire debate
proceedigns would be sent to the Standing Committee so that it
can take cognizance of these things".

Asked why no voice vote was adopted in the House,
Khurshid, who was part of efforts to end Hazare`s 12-day fast,
said "of course it is a resolution but it was by unanimous
acclaim. We were not debating under any specific rule and the
thing is, as it was mentioned, Sense of the House.

"You can call it anything you like to but it is a
resolution by unanimous acclaim of both the Houses. Nobody
wanted a vote and nobody demanded a vote and no vote was
required", he said.


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