Not seen a weaker PM than Manmohan Singh: Advani

BJP leader LK Advani said he had not seen a "weaker" Prime Minister than Manmohan Singh and a government "more immersed" in corruption.

Madurai: Accusing the Centre of pushing
the country into a sorry state of affairs, BJP leader LK Advani on Thursday said he had not seen a "weaker" Prime Minister
than Manmohan Singh and a government "more immersed" in

"I am sorry to say that no government is more immersed in
corruption and no Prime Minister weaker than Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh. This government cannot take a decision as its
decision making process is paralysed. This is evident from the
fact it has not taken a decision on Koodankulam issue," he

Launching the second leg of his `chetna yatra against
corruption and black money from here, he said most nations
have re-established their nuclear installations post
Fukushima, especially those near the sea from the safety point
of view.

"The Koodankulam power plant is also located near the
sea. Commercial considerations or the fact that the contract
has been accepted should not override the safety of the
people," Advani said.

He claimed his yatra, which started on October 11 from
Bihar, had evoked "enormous response", primarily due to his
stress on getting back Rs 25 lakh crore blackmoney `looted` in
the past 40 to 50 years and on corruption.

While countries like US and Germany were determined to
retrieve similar monies, India has not evinced interest
despite new legislation in Switzerland in this regard, Advani

He said BJP while in power had tried to retrieve it, but
could not do so due to lack of laws in those countries.

Advani said he had written to Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh three years back, saying it was the right time to
bring back the money, but it had elicited no response.

He also criticised the Centre on the issue of Sri Lankan
Tamils, saying while the government had promised construction
of 50,000 houses to war ravaged Tamils, Foreign Secretary
Ranjan Mathai himself had reported slow progress on the issue.

On attacks on Indian fishermen allegedly by the Sri
Lankan navy, he said they should not be allowed to be
targeted by the Navy of another country and asked the Centre
to deal with the issue as "one strategically important to the


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