Obama, Manmohan in frequent touch: US official

President Barack Obama has utmost respect and admiration for PM Manmohan Singh, a top US official has said.

Washington: President Barack Obama has
utmost respect and admiration for the Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh, and the two leaders continue to have frequent exchanges
in making sure that the two countries continue the momentum
that has been generated, a top US official has said.

"We continue to very much look to our partnership
with India to continue to develop even deeper ties.

As you know, President Obama has the utmost respect
and admiration for Prime Minister Singh, and they continue to
have frequent exchanges in making sure that we continue the
momentum that`s been generated," Assistant Secretary of
State for Public Affairs, Mike Hammer, said.

"The very wonderful part about the evolution of the
India-America partnership is that it really began with
President (Bill) Clinton and has continued on through the
administration of President (George) Bush, and now accelerated
under President Obama," Hammer said in response to a question
at a news briefing with foreign journalists.

The Obama Administration continues to have excellent
cooperation with its Indian counterparts on a full range of
issues, he said.

"We try to engage them as much as possible because
we believe that India is an important partner, certainly it is
the world`s largest democracy, it is one that can contribute
greatly to addressing the world challenges that we face today
as a global community," Hammer said.

The US official said it has been very clear over the
past week in terms of America`s concerns and its efforts to
encourage the Pakistani Government to take action against the

"We will continue to press them to do that," he
said. "We recognise that Pakistan itself has made some
incredible sacrifices in fighting extremist militants, but
this is one area where we need to see more.

It is critical for the good of Pakistan and
obviously for the interests of the United States that more
efforts are undertaken to go after the Haqqani Network,"
Hammer said.

"It is an issue that Secretary Clinton has raised
and that others have raised as well in the recent days,
because it is something that is of utmost importance to us,"
he said.

"From the outset of this Administration, President
Obama and Secretary Clinton have been working tirelessly to
advance America?s leadership, to renew it, and to make sure
that we`re working, as has been noted, with our international
partners to address the common challenges that we face as a
global community," he said.


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