Oil rig fire kills Indian, French in Nigeria

An Indian was among two workers who were killed in fire that hit Chevron Corp company-owned oil rig.

Abuja: An Indian was among two workers who
were killed in a major fire that consumed the visible part of
Chevron Corp company-owned oil rig off Nigeria`s coast.

An official from FODE Drilling Ltd, the company that
handled the operation of the rig for Chevron, said an Indian
national and a French national had not been found even after
three days of intensive search.

"After three days of intensive search and rescue
activities for our missing colleagues, I am saddened to report
that our efforts have proven unsuccessful and, therefore, we
have made the difficult decision to transition to a recovery
operation," said Andrew Fawthrop, managing director, Chevron`s
Nigeria/Mid-Africa Strategic Business Unit.

"On behalf of Chevron, we extend our sincere condolences
to the families of the missing individuals," Fawthrop said.

The official said they were able to rescue 152 others
from the inferno.

The company said the fire entered its ninth day today and
has consumed some noticeable parts of the rig.

When contacted for the identity of the missing
workers, an official said the public affairs section has
closed for the day.

According to Chevron official, the fire started last week
aboard the shallow-water jack-up drilling rig KS Endeavor
which was operated by FODE for drilling a natural gas
exploration well approximately 10 kms off the coast of Nigeria
and in roughly 40 feet of water.

The company said the cause of the incident remains under
investigation and efforts are under way to seal the well,
which will extinguish the fire just as it cannot estimated how
long the fire will continue.

Chevron, alongside other oil companies, engage in oil
drilling within the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.


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