Oppn accuses Govt of taking soft line on Naxals, terror

The opposition today charged the Government with being soft on Maoists and remaining a mute spectator to "millions" of infiltrations from Bangaldesh.

Updated: May 04, 2010, 00:08 AM IST

New Delhi: The opposition today charged the
Government with being soft on Maoists and remaining a mute
spectator to "millions" of infiltrations from Bangaldesh and
said UPA is taking a "suicidal path" by offering amnesty to
those who want to return to India from Pak-occupied Kashmir.

Initiating a discussion in the Rajya Sabha on the working
of the Home Ministry, senior BJP leader M Venkaiah Naidu said
there was lack of clarity within the Government on the issue
of tackling the Naxal menace.

Referring to the views of Congress leaders like Digvijay
Singh and Kesav Rao, who have underlined the need to talks to
the Naxals, Naidu said, "By making these statements, we are
giving them (Maoists) more strength....you may be giving them
chance to regroup and reorganise themselves."

On Rao`s suggestion for reconciliation with the Naxals,
Naidu asked "Reconciliation for what? Talks with whom?"

Referring to terrorism, Naidu said, "We have an example of
a glaring failure of intelligence system with regard to David
Coleman Headley, key plotter in 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks."

The former BJP president said let alone fight terrorism,
the ruling party even does not speak in one voice.

In the Batla House encounter, doubts were raised about its
genuineness, he said adding the entire country should speak in
one voice. "Here some of the political leaders are showing
sympathy with the accused instead of sharing the grief with
the victims," he said.

Many Congress members objected when he said millions of
infiltrations have taken place form Bangladesh to Assam.

"Assam is the worst victim of infiltration...due to
confusion of the state government and political parties, it
has flourished....Congress has taken a soft view of the
infiltration," he said.

The BJP leader slammed the Government for its decision to
cut forces from Jammu and Kashmir.

On Home Minister`s decision to offer amnesty to Kashmiri
militants who want to return to India and lead a normal life,
Naidu said, "This is a very dangerous proposal....please don`t
take a suicidal path...How can you trust them?"

Moinul Hassan (CPI-M) was of the view that some UPA
partners have soft corner towards Maoists and said its worst
victim is West Bengal.

Pointing out that over 200 districts are affected by
Maoists, of which 90 were severely hit, he said only Rs 285.82
crore has been allocated to tackle the menace.

He demanded a comprehensive legislation for refugees
saying India was serving as host for those coming from
Afghanistan, Bangladesh and many other countries.

K Malaisami (AIADMK) said one-third of the country was
affected by extremism and terrorism.