Opposition blames `weak` govt for terror attacks

The Opposition on Wednesday slammed the government for the rising terror incidents alleging that its "weak" and "non-serious" approach had "emboldened" the terrorists to strike at will.

New Delhi: The Opposition on Wednesday slammed the
government for the rising terror incidents alleging that its
"weak" and "non-serious" approach had "emboldened" the
terrorists to strike at will.

Congress, however, countered the attack by referring
to right-wing terrorism, triggering an uproar in the Rajya
Sabha during a short duration discussion on growing incidents
of terrorism.

The country is living under the "constant shadow of
fear" while little is done to restore the public confidence,
senior BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad said.

"There have been 14 attacks in Mumbai because the
terrorists want to convey the message that `recongise our
visibility, that the police is weak and we can strike at will`
and create an impression outside that India is a security risk
country. Terrorists know there is no penalty to pay," he said.

Referring to talks with Pakistan, he said India has to
recognise the fact that foreign policy and counter terrorism
strategy cannot be segregated.

"Japhi aur puppy nahin chalega (the hugs and kisses
won’t work)," he remarked.

Criticising the suggestions of involvement of
right wing Hindu extremists in terror attacks, Prasad said,
"Why say about Hindu terrorists when we have never said
Muslim terrorists".

He said partisan approach should not come in the way
of dealing firmly with the menace. The BJP is fully with the
government on tackling terrorism.

He also asked pointedly asked why Afzal Guru,
convicted in 2001 Parliament attack case, has not been hanged
yet and what made the government repeal Prevention of
Terrorism Act (POTA).

All these factors have emboldened terrorists to carry
attacks from across the border with impunity, the BJP leader

Prasad asked why there was a delay in setting up of
anti-terror agencies like National Counter Terrorism Centre
and National Intelligence Grid which were announced
immediately after 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Initiating the discussion, senior Shiv Sena leader
Manohar Joshi said: "My charge against the government is that
it has not taken any steps (to stop terror attacks) because of
political reasons."

The number of terror attacks have increased in the
last few years and "unfortunately, I do not see the government
taking action."

Mentioning the spate of terror incidents, he said,
"Unfortunately, no government has been successful in stopping
these attacks."

He said, "The terror attacks can be stopped if they
(terrorists) are scared of the government. The government is
not serious about it."

Referring to the terror attacks of March 12, 1993,
Sena leader said the judgment came after 14 years.

"Dawood Ibrahim, Tiger Menon and Mohammad Dosa ... all
ran away. These three people have not been brought back (to
the country)," he said.

Countering the Opposition onslaught, Shantaram Naik
(Congress) referred to the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi and
the involvement of right wing extremists in terror attacks.

"Please try to control them (the right wing extremism)
...60 per cent of the problems will be solved," he said.

Following Naik`s remarks, unruly scenes were witnessed
in the Upper House and the BJP members were on their feat
demanding an apology from him.

Pandemonium prevailed before Naik finally relented
saying "if your feelings have been hurt...I tender my

Veer Singh of BSP pointed out: "The Centre`s inability
to fight terrorism again resulted in serial blasts in Mumbai
on July 13 this year killing 28 people. It is three weeks now,
the government has failed to strengthen security measures."


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