Opposition obstructing key legislations: Sibal

Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal on Saturday hit out at the opposition for "obstructing" key legislations in Parliament.

New Delhi: Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal
on Saturday hit out at the opposition for "obstructing" key
legislations in Parliament including a Bill that can help
tackle the problem of fake academic degrees.

Referring to the National Academic Depository Bill,
currently pending in Parliament, Sibal said that the
opposition should not adopt a regressive attitude towards such

"...we will request the opposition not to obstruct our
Bills. Because if the country has to move ahead, and it you
don`t allow the Bills to be passed then the matters that are
being raised cannot be resolved," he said.

The National Academic Depository Bill seeks to provide
and maintain a national database of academic awards in demat

"The way shares are demat, in India all degrees will
also be demat. And if degrees are demat, then nobody will be
able to give a forged degree to anyone," Sibal said responding
to a journalist`s query on fake degrees.
He was attending a function at Zakir Husain Delhi
College here.

Earlier in his speech at the college, Sibal also took a
dig at Anna Hazare`s fast, saying that the college`s famous
chaat would be made available at Ram Lila maidan so that no
one can go on hunger strike.

"A fashion to go on a hunger strike is prevalent these
days. So next time Bhai Jumma`s chaat will also be available
at Ram Lila Maidan," he said referring to the chaat available
in the college.

Sibal also made a critical comment on the role of media
professionals. "15 per cent gas you have brought to India
through gas pipeline and the rest you can get through mass
communication. Because what you see on TV channels is gas and
not the reality."

A speaker who had spoken before Sibal had demanded
setting up of a Mass Communication centre at the college.