Oz PM condemns Indian toddler`s death

Australian PM Kevin Rudd has strongly condemned the shocking death of a 3-year-old Indian boy.

Last Updated: Mar 05, 2010, 13:50 PM IST

Zeenews Bureau

Melbourne: The shocking death of a three-year-old Indian boy Gurshan Singh has drawn strong condemnation from Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Victorian Premier John Brumby.

"This is a really horrible story. I`ve seen the reports this morning, I heard about it late last night,`` Rudd said.

Gurshan was found dead near Melbourne airport following his sudden disappearance from a house 20 km away.

Victorian Premier John Brumby has meanwhile described the Indian toddler’s death as "an unthinkable tragedy".

Meanwhile, Rudd said that solving the murder is more significant than foreign policy.

"The death of any little child causes everyone in this country to stop, pause, think, reflect.”

"If this is a case of murder, there is nothing worse than the brutal murder of a little child. The authorities are investigating it and we have every confidence the authorities will get to the bottom of it.``

Notably, Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith is currently in India to discuss the ties between the two sides.

Smith has been informed of the death, Rudd said.

Replying to queries on the reaction of the Indian government, Rudd replied, "As of now those matters lie with the foreign minister.”

"What I`m concerned about is this little boy, this little child.”

"Let`s get the facts around this ... Let`s sort out this case, this person, this human tragedy first, and as for foreign policy, let`s deal with that in its due time."

Meanwhile, Brumby said he has assured the Indian High Commissioner and the community that no stones will be left unturned in the murder inquiry.

"Every single police resource will be devoted to this matter until it is resolved,`` Mr Brumby said.

"It is important people don`t jump to conclusions. There are no visible signs of cause of death at this stage,`` Brumby said.

"The most important thing is we find the cause of death and bring those responsible to justice. I am not going to get into the Australia-India debate. Today is about mourning the death of a three-year old child. And the loss of a child so young is a terrible, terrible tragedy that I find personally distressing.``