Oz welcomes Obama`s backing of India`s UNSC bid

Australia Friday welcomed Prez Obama`s backing for New Delhi`s UNSC bid.

New Delhi: Australia, a long-time supporter of India`s permanent membership of the expanded UN Security Council, Friday welcomed US President Barack Obama`s backing for New Delhi, saying it was "delighted" at the development.

"Australia has supported India for a permanent seat in
the Security Council for many many years now. So, we`re
delighted that other countries are also beginning to do that,"
Australian High Commisioner Peter Varghese said.

Varghese, while speaking on the sidelines of a function
here, was responding when asked to comment on Obama`s promise
of support to India`s quest for permanent seat of the Security
Australia has been for long supporting India`s
candidature for permanent membership of the UNSC, saying it
has credentials for the same.

At the function, the High Commisioner donated Rs two lakh
on behalf of the Australian contingent that participated in
the Commonwealth Games to an NGO `Asha` which helps in the
education of slum children.
"This contibution was not the idea of Australian
government, was not even the idea of the Commonwealth team`s
management. It was very much the idea of the individual
athletes who came to India for the Games and they wanted to
leave India by making a small contribution to the country,"
Varghese said.

He said, "The purpose of today was really to
acknowledge the wonderful achievement that Asha has succeeded
in doing by bringing 170 slum kids to high quality tertiary
institutes...the collection that our team made, they wanted it
to go to a non-government organization that was doing good
work in the slums."