Pak deliberately stifling 26/11 probe: Chidambaram

India slammed Pakistan accusing it of deliberately "stifling" probe into the Mumbai terror attacks.

Bangalore/New Delhi: Slamming Pakistan, India
on Saturday accused it of "deliberately stifling" probe into Mumbai
terror attack and ruled out resumption of dialogue till New
Delhi is satisfied that serious action is being taken against
perpetrators of 26/11.

Blaming Pakistan for suspension of the dialogue, India
said it should demonstrate to New Delhi and the world its
seriousness about acting against the perpetrators of 26/11
which is a "condition" for resumption of talks.

Home Minister P Chidambaram also put Pakistan in a spot
over Jamaat-ud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed by citing details about
his involvement in the Mumbai attacks, information regarding
which has already been given to Islamabad.

In this regard, he gave information about Saeed`s various
meetings with the 10 terrorists who attacked Mumbai and how he
supervised their training.

"...We are thoroughly, totally dissatisfied with the
Pakistani response," Chidambaram told Al Jazeera TV, adding
Islamabad is not arresting or prosecuting those involved in
the attacks despite their names being provided.

Asked whether he believed that Pakistan is "deliberately
holding up" the investigation, he said "Yes. Regrettably that
is the answer but yes."

Queried if he meant to say that Pakistan government was
"deliberately stifling" the investigation into the Mumbai
attacks, the Home Minister responded by saying "Yes".

External Affairs Minister S M Krishna said in Bangalore
that "If Pakistan were to be serious about taking the logical
steps to punish those responsible for the attack on India or
Mumbai, this is an instance that they can show to the world
and India that they are serious," he said.

On resumption of talks, he said "I think Pakistan has to
blame itself for the suspension of the composite dialogue and
again it has to be Pakistan`s initiative now to satisfy
India`s requirement for the resumption of composite dialogue."

Citing legal experts, he said the six dossiers which we
have provided to Pakistan contain enough evidence against the
conspirators, abettors and perpetrators of the Mumbai terror
attacks to get them punished in a court of law."

Questioning Pakistan`s sincerity and seriousness to
pursue the probe and prosecution into Mumbai attacks case,
Chidambaram said "Where is the trial? Where is the
chargesheet? When is a trial starting? When is the first
witness being examined?"

He was asked about the dossiers of information given to
Pakistan which India says contains "cogent and convincing"
evidence linking Saeed, who also heads Lashkar-e-Taiba, to the
Mumbai attacks.

"The evidence that we have presented tells any
investigator, any prosecutor what Hafiz Saeed did, where he
was, whom he met, what he told them, what his role was. If
that is not evidence to continue investigation against Hafeez
Sayeed what else is evidence," said Chidambaram while pointing
out that he himself was a "trained lawyer" who should know
such aspects.

Bureau Report