‘Pak told white lie to India on Dawood`s whereabouts’

Senior BJP leader L K Advani on Sunday said Pakistan has been telling "white lie" to India on the whereabouts of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim.

Updated: May 08, 2011, 15:43 PM IST

New Delhi: Senior BJP leader L K Advani on Sunday
said Pakistan has been telling "white lie" to India on the
whereabouts of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim like the way it
kept feeding to the US the "lie" that Osama bin Laden was not
present on its soil.

Advani also pointed out that Osama`s hideout in the
garrison town of Abbottabad was constructed when former
President Parvez Musharraf was "in total command of the
situation" Pakistan.

In his latest blog, the veteran leader said the military
ruler, when came for Agra summit in 2001, told him "a white
lie" about Dawood when his extradition sought.

The BJP leader wrote: "It was the same kind of lie that
the Pakistanis have been feeding to Americans all these years
about Osama."

Recalling Musharraf`s first visit to India on the
invitation of then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, the
BJP leader said the General`s face "suddenly turned red and
unfriendly" when Dawood`s extradition was demanded and he
"replied assertively" that "Dawood Ibrahim is not in

Advani, the then Home Minister, was the first to call on
Musharraf at the Rashtrapati Bhavan where he had been put up.

"Later, one of the Pakistani officials who was present
during the meeting, said to me, `What our President said about
Dawood Ibrahim on that day was a white lie," Advani said
recalling the conversation between him and Musharraf at
Rashtrapati Bhavan on July 14, 2001.

Musharraf, who was "hardly able to conceal his
discomfort", remarked "`that is small tactics` (demand for
Dawood`s handing over)," Advani said narrating the sequence of
discussion between the two in which five Indian officials were
seated on one side and five from Pakistan on the other.

"I could sense a sudden change in the atmosphere in
the room."

Advani said Musharraf`s first response was positive when
he suggested an extradition treaty between India and Pakistan.

But, the situation got suddenly changed when Advani
demanded the handing over of Dawood, who is the prime accused
in the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts case and "who lives in
Karachi", to India even before both the nations conclude a
formal extradition treaty.

Quoting reports, Advani said the three-storied hideout
for Osama and his family in Abbottabad was constructed in

"It would thus be reasonable to believe that the
decision was taken when General Musharraf was in total command
of the situation in that country," he added.