Parl appears inclined to approve Anna`s demands

BJP gave "consent" to all the three issues under consideration of the two Houses.

New Delhi: Government and the Opposition
on Saturday appeared to be inclined to give consensual approval to
fasting Anna Hazare`s three key demands amid keenness to end
the impasse but most of the members emphasised the need for
preserving Constitution`s sanctity and Parliament`s supremacy.

The much-awaited debate on Anna Hazare`s conditions took
off in both Houses of Parliament with Finance Minister Pranab
Mukherjee`s statement in which he said the country was at
cross-roads and asked lawmakers to give their serious and
considered views on the "important" and "genuine" issues
raised by Hazare.

He set the tone by urging members of the two Houses to
consider the Gandhian`s three key demands on Lokpal Bill
within Constitutional framework and by preserving Parliament`s

These issues were (i) whether the jurisdiction of the
Lokpal should cover all employees of the Central government,
(ii) whether it will be applicable through the institution of
the Lok Ayukt in all states, and (iii) whether the Lokpal
should have the power to punish all those who violate the
`grievance redressal mechanism` to be put in place.

"In case a consensus emerges at the end of the
discussions, the Standing Committee will, in the course of
their deliberations, take into account their practicability,
implementability and constitutionality.

"For, everything that we do must be consistent with the
principles enshrined within our Constitutional framework,"
Mukherjee said.

BJP gave "consent" to all the three issues under
consideration of the two Houses.


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