Parliament adjourned sine die

Parliament was Thursday adjourned sine die after the more than month-long budget session.

New Delhi: Parliament was Thursday adjourned sine die after the more than month-long budget session.

The session, which began July 7, saw major legislative business being carried out including passing of the general budget and the judicial appointments bill.

Both the houses worked beyond their scheduled time.
In the Lok Sabha, of the 166 hours and 56 minutes scheduled time, 14 hours and 23 minutes were lost due to interruptions.

However, the lower house gained 27 hours and 10 minutes as members sat late to compensate for the time loss, working nearly 13 hours more than the scheduled time as per information given by Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Venkaiah Naidu.

Parliament had 27 sittings in this session.

In the Rajya Sabha, total sittings of 140 hours were scheduled, of which 21 hours and 22 minutes were lost to protests.
The upper house, however, worked for nearly 38 hours extra, gaining on the lost time and exceeding the planned hours of working.

Twenty bills were introduced in the Lok Sabha, and parliament overall passed 12 bills, including the finance bills.

"Broad statistics suggest that productivity of the Lok Sabha has significantly improved in respect of working hours and the time lost in comparison to that of 2004 and 2009," Naidu told reporters.

The parliamentary affairs minister said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was very happy with the conduct of parliament.

He said the credit has to be shared with the opposition.

"General perception has been that parliament this time around presented a different picture. Credit for this goes not only to the ruling parties. I have no hesitation to share the credit with the opposition," Naidu said.

The minister said the government was planning to extend the session, but the idea was dropped as several parliamentarians were reluctant.

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