Parliamentarians need to introspect: Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal has reiterated that Anna Hazare’s movement is not against the Parliament.

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: On a day when MPs cutting across party lines slammed Team Anna for accusing politicians of corruption, Arvind Kejriwal has reiterated that Anna Hazare’s movement is not against the Parliament but is only concerned about getting a strong Lokpal Bill passed.

“We have the greatest respect for Parliament; that is why we are worried about the state of Parliament,” Kejriwal said in an interview to a news channel.

Taking on the political class, he said, “Who is responsible to bring Parliament to this state of affairs? We never said we don’t have faith in Parliament.”

“Rather than targeting us, it is important that the Parliament sits and does some introspection…when Rajneeti Prasad tore the Lokapl Bill inside the Parliament, not a single MP objected,” he added.

Slamming the politicians who attacked the movement, “When the Parliament doesn’t pass it (Lokpal Bill), is it wrong to ask why it is not being passed? It is unfortunate that they are speaking in this manner against the movement; against Team Anna…you cannot stop the voice.”

“It is extremely important that Parliamentarians sit down and discuss the matter…it is not about friends or foes…it is their duty to pass Lokpal Bill.”

Rejecting the allegation that Team Anna is painting all politicians with the same brush, Kejriwal pointed out that 162 parliamentarians have criminal cases against them, while adding: “There are number of parliamentarians who are very good but their voice is very feeble.”

“Is it possible that those who have serious charges of corruption will pass legislation against them? Let’s see what Parliament does till May 15,” he said while also claiming that the government is not passing the Lokpal Bill to protect 14 ministers who are said to have indulged in corruption.

On the way forward, Kejriwal said, “The movement is not at crossroads, the fight is against corruption…time to fight for real democracy.”

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