Parties for review of judges’ appointment

Last Updated: Thursday, August 18, 2011 - 22:14

New Delhi: Most political parties, including
BJP, Left and DMK, on Thursday said it was time to change the system
of appointment of judges and favoured setting up of a National
Judicial Commission.

Instead of the present practice of a collegium of judges
making appointment to higher judiciary, the parties pitched
for setting up of a national commission, vested with powers to
appoint judges.

Leaders of BJP, CPI-M, CPI, DMK, RJD and Shiv Sena called
for a change in the system of appointing judges and several of
them, including Leader of the Opposition and BJP members Arun
Jaitley, said the judiciary was transgressing its "Lakshman
Rekha" into the functions of legislature and the executive.

Expressing concern over questions being raised on conduct
of some judges, BJP suggested revisiting the process of their

"The system of judges alone appointing judges must now
change. India needs a National Judicial Commission to appoint
judges," Jaitley said, during a debate in the Rajya Sabha on
impeachment motions against Calcutta High Court Judge Soumitra

He said the Commission members can be drawn from the
judiciary and executive, besides prominent citizens.

"While there is no crossing of `Lakshman rekha` by the
executive and legislature, there is serious side-stepping from
the judiciary," Jaitley, himself an eminent lawyer and former
Law Minister, said.


First Published: Thursday, August 18, 2011 - 22:14
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