PC inaugurates Rs 229 cr e-office project for BSF

Home Minister P Chidambaram on Thursday inaugurated a Rs 229 crore e-office project for the Border Security Force.

New Delhi: Home Minister P Chidambaram on Thursday
inaugurated a Rs 229 crore e-office project for the Border
Security Force (BSF) aimed at providing easy online access to
personnel and administrative works.

The Intranet Prahari Project (IPP) has been extended upto
237 locations of the central police force and will benefit
about 1.98 lakh BSF personnel.

"I congratulate the BSF for completing and commissioning
what will be an extraordinarily useful tool for administration
of fast service (for the force) spread in all the borders of
the country and in some places even in internal security
duties. I sincerely hope this will improve the quality of
administration in the BSF," Chidambaram said.

The project will connect all the sector headquarters,
frontiers headquarters and all the battalions of the force.

"It has many many applications and one of the greatest
interest of the 1.98 lakh personnel is all their personal
information will be available (on the system). Salary
allowances, tax deductions, leaves and all that.

"On the administration side it will computerise the whole
account system, the movement of forces, deployment of forces.
It will help decision making. It will also bring the force
commanders and the sector commanders in the close touch with
the BSF senior officials at the headquarters," the Home
Minister said.

"I think this will bring them closer so that decision
making is participative and cooperative effort. The idea is to
move towards paperless office," he said.

However, Chidambaram cautioned them "that introducing a
computer based system should not mean that papers will
continue to be generated. Once records are available in the
digital form, that must mean end of paper form."

The project is executed by NIIT.

"Today they have already about 3-4 thousands people
logging in (on the system). We expect that many more will
begin to logging in. There are 5,000 computers which are being
installed. As system stabilises, I expect, data, picture,
videographs, voice, all will flow through the systems," he

Chidambaram said another para-military force, Indo
Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), has a similar proposal for its

BSF, which guards country`s frontiers with Pakistan and
Bangladesh, has provided advanced training to around 150 of
its officers and subordinate staff. About 20,000 personnel
were also trained on the fundamentals of computers and on the
software applications developed under the project.


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