PC`s role in 2G scam merits serious probe: Advani

Senior BJP leader LK Advani alleged elaborate attempts at cover-up in 2G scam and demanded serious investigation to ascertain the role of Chidambaram.

Last Updated: Oct 23, 2011, 22:23 PM IST

Raipur: Senior BJP leader L K Advani on Sunday alleged elaborate attempts at a cover-up in 2G scam and
demanded "serious investigation" to ascertain the role of the
then finance minister P Chidambaram in spectrum allocations.

Currently on a Jan Chetna Yatra against corruption,
Advani also questioned Prime Minister Manmohan Singh`s
integrity and leadership alleging that his government had "no
capacity left to respond to" multi-crore scams that took place
"under his nose and, from all accounts in his knowledge".

His comments came in the wake of a Delhi court framing
charges yesterday against all the 17 accused in the 2G scam
including former Telecom Minister A Raja, DMK MP Kanimozhi and
corporate honchos.
"While the framing of charges of fraud against a former
Minister, several officials, an MP and functionaries of
companies that allegedly benefitted from the scam is welcome,
I believe the probe has left some important facets out of its
ambit," Advani said in a statement here.

"Despite elaborate attempts at a cover-up, the role of
former Finance Minister and incumbent Home Minister, P
Chidambaram, clearly merits serious investigation," he said.
The BJP leader said what prompted the Finance Ministry
to change its stated position on auctioning scarce spectrum
"remains an abiding mystery."

"Why did Chidambaram concur with A Raja`s decision to
allot spectrum in 2008 at 2001 prices, days after giving an
opinion to the contrary?," he asked.

"I demand that the Supreme Court-directed investigation
into the 2G Spectrum scam must be extended to probing his role
and that of officials of the Finance Ministry of the time,"
Advani said.