`People, not BJP should decide who is right on Karnataka issue`

Moily termed the political crisis in Karnataka as a "clash" between two constitutional authorities.

New Delhi: Terming the political crisis in
Karnataka as a "clash" between two constitutional authorities,
Law Minister M Veerappa Moily has said it was up to the
"right-minded" people to decide who is right.

Moily, a former Karnataka chief minister, refused to get
drawn into the debate over the role of Governor HR Bhardwaj,
his predecessor in the Law Ministry.

When asked about the decision of Bhardwaj to `advise`
the Speaker to maintain the position of the Legislative
Assembly when Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa was asked by the
Governor to prove his majority, Moily said it was a not a
transgression on the authority of the Speaker.

"It was an opinion....it is your perception (that it
was a transgression)."

On being persisted, Moily told a news channel during an interview: "It is a question of clash of two constitutional
authorities -- one the Governor and the other the Speaker. Who
is right on this is a question people should decide...right-
minded people should decide, not the interested party like the

"As a Law Minister I cannot pass a value judgement... and
in fact, whether the BJP has raised certain objections... yes
they are the interested party. I don`t think we can take their
suggestions as objective and impartial," he said.

To a question on recalling Bhardwaj from Raj Bhawan, he
said, "It is a constitutional process. Just because
some opposition leaders want recall of the Governor...you know
it`s not done, unless it is objectively based on merit."

Asked whether the Governor should voluntarily step aside
as he had become a figure of controversy, Moily said that
question will not arise "in view of my first answer".

Asked if he was `distancing` himself from Bhardwaj, he
said, "When certain issues are raised, defending or protecting
will not come. Because it may be attributed to me that I am
taking the side of Mr Bhardwaj because he happens to be in my
party or my predecessor. It is not done like that.... It will
not even benefit Mr Bhardwaj even if he is on the right line."

When the anchor persisted that Moily was deliberately
avoiding a comment on the role of Bhardwaj, he said it was not
the case.

"It is a question of assessing things on a correct
perspective. And the stage has not come to me to assess
because it has not reached that kind of a position where a Law
Minister can offer his remarks," Moily said.


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