People with blood soaked clothes outside HC

The blast happened at one of the most crowded gates at the High Court premises as it was the peak hour at the court.

New Delhi: As terror struck outside the Delhi High Court, a man, who lost one of his legs was seen trying to get away from the site as limbs and pieces of flesh were strewn on the ground along with shards of glass.

Lawyers and litigants with blood soaked clothes ran helter-skelter as soon as the blast took place.

Stunned by the deadly blast, a middle aged woman, who had come to secure bail for her relative could not speak, while litigant Rahul Gupta, who was barely 10 metres away from the site had problems hearing.

Gupta, who was at the reception counter near the blast site, said he cannot hear after the deafening blast.

"I heard a loud noise and smoke coming out following by cries of people," said Narendra Kumar Singh, a guard at a construction site outside the court.

The Gate No.5, where the blast took place, was crowded with 100 to 200 people waiting in a queue to get entry passes.

There were several lawyers at the spot.

A woman lawyer, who refused to identify herself, said she heard a loud noise, while she was coming towards the court. "By the time I could come police had cordoned off the roads and people were being taken to hospitals. I parked my car and walked to the gate. I am really terrified and hope none of my friends have been injured in the incident."

Another lawyer said, the gate, where the blast happened is one of the most crowded gates at the High Court premises, and it was the "peak hour" at the court.

"This is the time, when hundreds of people come here for making passes to enter the High Court. I was 200 metres away, when the blast took place," he said.

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