Perpetrators of rape should be made `impotent`: NCW chief

The National Commission for Women (NCW) on Thursday favoured capital punishment for perpetrators and even suggested that they should be made "impotent".

New Delhi: Demanding enactment of stringent laws to deter people from committing crimes like rape, the National Commission for Women (NCW) on Thursday favoured capital punishment for perpetrators and even suggested that they should be made "impotent".

"Capital punishment is very important. I suggest that they should be made impotent so they repent every day of their life. It is very important, unless such punishments are meted to the culprits, I don`t think women will feel secure in our country," NCW Chairperson Mamta Sharma said here.

Sharma, who broke down during the inaugural address at the National Consultation on Reviewing the Strategies to Improve the Provision of PC and PNDT Act, termed the gang rape of a 23-year-old paramedical student as shameful not only for Delhi but also for the entire country.

"There is a need to strictly work in such cases."

The NCW along with its member organisations and NGOs from nine states today unanimously passed a resolution demanding strict action against the accused.

They also asked for enactment of stringent laws to prohibit such crimes and said mere removal of tinted glass and increase in police patrol won`t solve the purpose.

Sharma, however, said just passing a resolution won`t be sufficient and the step needs to be backed by strong action.

She also demanded sensitisation of the police and insisted that the probe of rape case shouldn`t be handled by an officer less than the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police. She also pointed that a detailed report of the crime should be presented within a month.

"I am not saying that all officers are insensitive towards rape victims but there have been instances when the victim is not treated properly when she goes to a police station to file her complaint. We want rape investigations to be carried out by the officers not below the rank of DSP," she said.

While expressing concerns about rape victims, Sharma said
that necessary changes should be made in rape laws so that the accused don`t get away easily. A strong deterrent should be put in place and an example should be set by punishing the culprits in the strictest manner.

"Life becomes tough for a rape victim. Unlike in a murder case where the issue ends with the offence, in a rape case the issue begins with the commission of crime," she said, adding it wasn`t the time for political bickering.
She insisted that concerted efforts need to be taken to deal with the increasing violence towards women.

"Whenever such an incident happens, questions are asked from NCW. The Commission has no magic wand. The process should involve concerted efforts only then an effective and forceful law will come into place," she said.

Talking about the female foeticide, Sharma said it was a serious issue and "we need to emphasise on the need to control this menace.

"The situation is very scary. In the coming twenty years or so nearly two crore of our boys won`t get girls to marry," Sharma said, adding that it was unfortunate that female foeticide was more prevalent in the literate society.

Emphasising the need for more awareness programmes in this regard, she said the NCW has also written to the concerned ministries asking them to raise extra funds in this regard.


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