Plea to US authorities to repatriate baby to relatives

A one-year-old Indian baby is in foster care since September last year.

New Delhi: A group of eminent citizens on Thursday made an emotional appeal to US authorities to announce a date by which a one-year-old Indian baby, who is in foster care since September last year, would be repatriated to his relatives back home.

They met US Ambassador to India Nancy J Powell here today and submitted a petition to her demanding that Indrashish, born to Debashish and Pamela Saha of West Bengal, be sent to India to be with his grandparents.

"Indrashish has been repeatedly injured and suffered medical emergencies in foster care. On December 31, Indrashish had to be hospitalised in emergency care for extreme dehydration while in charge of his state-paid fosterer," the citizens claimed in their petition.

The signatories, including former Delhi High Court Chief Justice A P Shah, CPI(M) leader Brinda Karat and former NCW chairperson Mohini Giri, said the baby`s parents want him to be returned to relatives back in India.

"We call upon you to end the denial of an innocent baby of the affection of his family and the enjoyment of his cultural and religious heritage by ensuring the immediate repatriation of Indrashish to his extended family in India and committing to a date within which he will be returned," they said.

The petition, also signed by activist Suranya Aiyar, said Indrashish is allowed to see his parents only four hours per week.

Indrashish was confiscated from hospital where he was rushed by his parents after injuring his head in what they state was a fall from the bed. US authorities have alleged that the baby is suffering from the Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS).