`PM candidature will be decided health basis`

BJP leader LK Advani has said he would decide on it depending on his "health" and capability to contribute at the time of Lok Sabha polls.

Umariya: Keeping alive the issue of his
Prime Ministerial ambitions, BJP leader LK Advani has said he
would decide on it depending on his "health" and "capability"
to contribute at the time of Lok Sabha polls.

The former Deputy Prime Minister, who is on his `yatra`
against corruption, admitted that `satta parivartan` (change
of government) was one of the objectives of his 38-day
cross-country campaign.

"Satta parivartan is one of the objectives of this
yatra... It is a political campaign," he said in an
interview when asked whether through his yatra it was a
politician trying to play a social reformer.

"However what will happen to my credibility if there is a
change in government but corruption continues. My party has
credibility because we have essentially some good governments
in states and when there are issues like in Karnataka we take
the steps," he said.

Asked whether his yatra was an attempt to reap political
benefits using anger against corruption, he said that
associating his party with "political dividend was not doing
justice" to his cause.

"The issue is not a party or a leader but whether we will
allow the government to indulge in corruption in this way," he
said as he travelled on his `rath` from Satna to Umariya in
Madhya Pradesh.

Advani was asked what his response would be if there was
a consensus in the party on his name for the PM`s post. "It
depends on my own assessment of how much I can contribute and
health," he replied.

Advani dismissed Uma Bharti`s comments where she said
that anyone who raises the corruption issue from Varanasi goes
on to occupy the top position, saying he had started his yatra
from Sitabdiara in Bihar and not from Varanasi.

On why BJP did not win the past two Lok Sabha elections
if it had a track record as good as he claimed, the party
veteran attributed the failure of 2004 to "over confidence".

In the next elections, "the BJP could not project itself
as a homogenous party," he added.

At the same time, Advani attacked Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh, claiming that he had "he is a failure" in the context
of dealing with corruption.

"It is not enough for the Prime Minister to be honest,
the Prime Minister also has to stop others who indulge in
corruption," he said.

"He is a failure, a failure for essentially failing to
realise that it is at the Prime Minister`s desk that the buck
stops," alleged Advani who had repeatedly termed Singh as
"weak" Prime Minister in the run up to 2009 polls.

He also commented on the Anna Hazare`s movement saying
NGOs could not take the space of political parties.

"Political parties cannot be replaced by an NGO. The
difference between Anna Hazare`s approach to corruption and
Jai Prakash Narain`s approach to corruption is that Jai
Prakash never thought of saying that I will have nothing to
do with political parties. He consciously brought together all
political parties," he added.

As Advani answered questions, his daughter Pratibha, who
is accompanying him on his yatra, was recording visuals of the
BJP supporters.

Asked if he saw a political role for anyone in his
family, Advani said one of the issues for which he was waging
a political battle against the Congress was the culture of
dynasty and he would not do anything that weakens his fight.

"Barring the BJP and Communist parties, almost all other
parties are run by a family or an individual," Advani noted.


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