PM leading the most corrupt govt: Jaitley

Taking the attack on the ruling dispensation a notch further, the BJP Tuesday accused the PM of leading the "most corrupt" government in the country`s history.

Last Updated: Jan 11, 2011, 15:45 PM IST

New Delhi: Taking the attack on the
ruling dispensation a notch further, the BJP today accused the
Prime Minister of leading the "most corrupt" government in the
country`s history and said the UPA II has little idea on how
to deal with the various problems plaguing the country.

"People say he (Prime Minister Manmohan Singh) is
personally honest.... It is a strange honesty that he leads
the most corrupt government in India since 1947," Leader of
Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley said here.

Charging the Congress-led government with "perverting"
all institutions, he said despite protests by BJP, P J Thomas,
who is accused of corruption, was appointed as the Central
Vigilance Commissioner.

"Now he hangs around the neck of the government as an
albatross.... If he resigns then government will get some
reprieve. But if he does not, then Prime Minister will be
accused of encouraging corruption," he said delivering a talk
on issues like corruption in Bofors gun deal and 2G spectrum
at the Delhi BJP headquarters.

Jaitley said the CBI could not get justice "for
teenagers Ruchika and Aarushi as it was focusing all its
energies in framing cases against political rivals of the
ruling coalition".

Referring to the alleged kickbacks in the Bofors gun
deal, he said the recent Income Tax Appellate Tribunal order
proved that the issue leads to the doorsteps of the then Prime
Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

"What is the reason that a 24-year-old contract (to
buy Bofors howitzers for Army) continues to follow Congress
leaders. The reason is very clear, that it is the only
corruption case in the country which leads to the doorsteps of
the Prime Minister," he said.

The BJP leader later clarified that he was referring
to the "then Prime Minister".

Jaitley said the government had little idea on how to
deal with naxalism, inflation and the situation in Jammu and
Kashmir and termed the "inability" to check price rise as the
Prime Minister`s "biggest failure".

"Prices of onions and tomatoes are not coming down,
interest rates have been increased six times which is having a
bad effect on the stock market.... We have a Prime Minister
who is also an economist. But in the last three years he did
not have any solution to deal with it. It is his biggest
failure," he said.

He claimed that two-third of the money provided to
UPA`s flagship MNREGA does not reach the poor man. "But the
money is being spent. What would you call it - social
expenditure or political expenditure," he asked.

Jaitley claimed Home Minister P Chidambaram had
presented himself as a "General" in the fight against Maoists.
"But after that Congress leader Digvijay said something and
Congress President Sonia Gandhi wrote something (in party
mouthpiece). After that Chidambaram left the battle against
Maoists and now he says it is upto the state to deal with them
and the Centre will provide them weapons and equipment," he

He claimed that while most governments begin with a
"honeymoon period" and face revulsion in the fag end of their
term, UPA began its term with the "revulsion situation" where
people had started disliking its approach from the very

Taking a dig at the Congress, Jaitley recalled an
advertisement punch line which said `whenever you think of
colour, think of us`.

"With Congress, it goes like whenever you see corrupt,
think of us. Whenever Congress leaders see corrupt, they have
a sense of affinity for him," he said.