PM presiding over ‘most corrupt’ govt: Advani

As BJP leader L K Advani’s `yatra` reached the UP-Bihar border, he launched a sharp attack on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Buxar (Bihar): As BJP leader L K Advani’s
`yatra` reached the UP-Bihar border, he launched a sharp
attack on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh alleging he is
presiding over the "worst and most corrupt government of
independent India".

Listing a series of alleged scams during the rule of
Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, Advani said
"however the cash-for-votes scam is the most terrifying of

Targetting Manmohan Singh, Advani said when he had
assumed Prime Ministership, there was a perception that Singh
was honest and there would be no scams in his rule.
However, it was during this government that MPs were
offered cash for votes and then the whistleblowers were sent
to jail, Advani said.

"Of what use is Manmohan Singh’s honesty"? Advani told a
gathering here.

Advani reiterated the UPA government did not seem
stable. “Though the term of this government is till 2014, but
I don’t know.”

“Two ministers of the government are speaking against
each other", he said in an apparent reference to the standoff
between Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Home Minister P
Chidambaram on 2G spectrum issue.

Advani claimed that during the Emergency days the
government of the day had paid the price for jailing leaders
like Jayaprakash Narain, Morarji Desai and Atal Bihari

“This government will also pay for its acts,” Advani
Corruption, inflation and black money were the three
issues on his agenda, Advani said.

Advani’s yatra reached Buxar behind schedule and he was
the only speaker who spoke unlike in other rallies where an
array of BJP leaders would address the gathering before

It was also in Buxar that a group of men waved black
flags against Advani’s yatra.

Shouting “Advani, go back,’ a dozen of men did not give
any reasons for their protest.

Elsewhere groups of school children formed chains to
watch the caravan of vehicles to pass by.

Before Buxar, Advani had addressed another rally in
Arrah where he said that by bringing back black money, the
country could solve problems related to lack of development.

Wednesday is the second and last day for Advani’s yatra
in Bihar, a state in which his party shares power with JD (U).

Party functionaries said that the smooth start had set
the standard for other state units as well.

Advani started the day by talking about estimates of

Showing a book he had downloaded from the Internet,
"Capitalism’s Achilles Heel" by Raymond Baker Advani?s said
there were different estimates of Indian money in Swiss and
other foreign banks.

According to Global Financial Integrity report, an
International think-tank from 1948 to 2008 India had lost 213
billion dollars to illegal financial flows, he said.

Advani claimed the present estimates of India?s wealth
as per an estimate he considered most accurate was $ 462
billion or approximately Rs 25,00,000 crores.

“Estimates given by Swiss banks themselves put the
figure at $ 1. 4 trillion with India topping the list followed
by Russia, the UK and then China.”

“This time it is 13 times the entire national debt of
India and it is increasing every year,” he said.


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