PM seems to have got my message: Advani

BJP leader L K Advani on Monday said that his message of "enough is enough" seems to have gone across to the PM also.

Udupi: A day after Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh asserted that it was the "right time" to move
decisively to curb corruption, BJP leader L K Advani on Monday
said that his message of "enough is enough" seems to have gone
across to the PM also.

"I thought the message in the theme song (`Ab bas`) of Jan
Chetna Yatra was intended for the public and to awaken them
against corruption, but it seems to have reached Prime
Minister Manmohan Singh also, as he has now started saying
that `it is time to fight against corruption`," Advani said
while addressing a public rally here.

The BJP leader questioned why it took "all these years"
for the prime minister to realise the need to fight

"Why did he not realise this all these years. It seems my
message of enough is enough through the yatra theme song has
finally reached him now."

The BJP leader launched a scathing attack against the
Prime Minister and Congress president Sonia Gandhi, charging
them with running the "most corrupt" government so far in the
history of the country.

Advani said Singh had promised before the 2009 elections
that if their government came to power they would act to bring
back the nation`s black money from Swiss banks but claimed
that nothing has been done so far.

"I would like to remind the prime minister of his promises
made before elections. Not just 100 days, but 700 days have
passed now and nothing has been done in this regard.

"We would demand in this Winter Session of Parliament that
a White Paper on the issue of black money stashed away in
Swiss banks and foreign tax havens be presented and the
government list out whether any steps have been taken or
whether it has achieved any success so far on bringing back
all the black money from abroad," he said.

Addressing the concluding session of the Governors`
Conference yesterday, Singh had said, "Our efforts for rapid
progress and development can have their full impact only if we
curb corruption in public life and improve the processes of
governance. I believe this is the right time to move
decisively in this direction."


Advani demanded that the government release names of
of people who have stashed their black money in foreign banks.

"The government has got some names of people who are
stashing their black money in foreign banks and I would like
that all these names should be published so that the world
knows who these people are."

The BJP leader also sought a CBI probe monitored by the
Supreme Court on the alleged role of certain senior Congress
ministers in 2G case.


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