PM should accept JPC demand in CWG, 2G spectrum scams: Gadkari

BJP president Nitin Gadkari asked PM Manmohan Singh to break his silence on CWG scam and 2G Spectrum allocation issue.

Mumbai: BJP president Nitin Gadkari on Thursday
asked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to break his silence on
the Commonwealth Games (CWG) scam and 2G Spectrum allocation
issue, challenging him to accept the Opposition demand for a
Joint Parliamentary Probe (JPC).

Gadkari told a press conference that his party was not
demanding resignation of the Prime Minister but merely wanted
him not to remain silent anymore on important issues related
to the scams.

"He should accept the demand for a JPC and suggest
measures to recover losses and fix responsibility," he said.

"Congress has broken all records of corruption in the
recent past which was painful for the country. People of this
country have the right to demand answers from the Prime
Minister`s Office (PMO)," he said.

Gadkari said a CBI enquiry into the CWG scam was not
enough. "CBI lacks the trust and authority to punish bigwigs
like Suresh Kalmadi, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit and
Union Ministers Jaipal Reddy and M S Gill, who were the
political leadership involved," the BJP president said.

He demanded to know why no criminal action has been
taken so far against Prasar Bharati CEO B S Lalli, who
allegedly overruled the objections by Finance department and
gave Rs 246 crore telecast rights of the Games to an illegal
entity which produced a fake registration number and had no
service tax number.

"Is Lalli, who speedily paid out 80 per cent of the
contract fee even before the Games concluded, is being
shielded because of his high connections?" he asked. Gadkari also charged that MGF, which tied up with
Dubai-based EMAAR to construct the Games Village, had
benefited because of its links with Kanishka Singh, a close
aide of Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi.

"Owner of MGF late Ved Prakash Gupta is Kanishka`s
grandfather and his father late S K Singh was one of the
promoters and shareholders. At whose instance the DDA paid a
bailout package for the international zone. Invoking
EMAAR-MGF`s bank guarantee for not fulfilling the
responsibility is only an eye-wash to absolve Kanishka Singh
and his family," he alleged, while listing out a detailed
ten-point questionnaire to the Prime Minister.

The BJP president demanded the Prime Minister to give
an explanation about the rationale of the steep escalation in
the budgetary provisions for the CWG overlays (temporary
fittings and fixtures).

"The sports minister has admitted in the Rajya Sabha
that there were cost escalations in the CWG projects because
the preliminary estimates were approved on basis of incomplete
sceptical information and all the estimates of various CWG
related projects were approved by the union cabinet.”Isn`t it
an admission of criminal negligence on part of the government
which you are heading?" he asked.

Gadkari said the total earnings have fallen short of
the estimated income from the Games and wondered how the
government is going to realise the huge balance.

He said the government claims to have initiated action
against contractors, officials and some firms connected with
the CWG projects. "What about action against the political
masters, who connived in the CWG loot?" he asked.