`Political class should be conscious about its role`

Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar is no stranger to repeated disruptions in Parliament.

New Delhi: Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar, who is no stranger to repeated disruptions in Parliament, on Sunday asked the political class to be "conscious" about its role and responsibility.

"Today`s litmus test is the test of conscience which should not remain confined to legal profession. I think this test should apply to the political profession," she told a seminar here organised by Indian Law Institute in association with Bar Council of India and others.

"For all of us it is a must to pass the test of conscience which we need to have for a lasting handsomeness," she said following references from several speakers about Law Minister Salman Khurshid being the most handsome minister.

With a slight grin, Kumar said the minister`s handsomeness dominated proceedings in the seminar after it was raised by senior BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Prasad referred to the remarks made by Chief Justice of India SH Kapadia yesterday about Khurshid and said his colleagues should be worried about it.

Khurshid, who was present at the seminar, sought to make light of it all.

"So long as the offices of India also remains handsome... together in handsomeness we move forward and make this country truly a beautiful country and move forward as a democracy," he said.