Premature to talk of Headley`s extradition: US

Washington says it`s "too premature" to talk about extradition of terror suspect David Headly to India.

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2009, 13:25 PM IST

Washington: It is "too premature" to talk
about the extradition of US national David Coleman Headly to
India for his alleged role in Mumbai terror attacks, a top
Obama Administration official has said.

Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, P J
Crowley was responding to a question about the statement by
Indian Home Secretary G K Pillai in New Delhi that India would
seek extradition of Headley, who was arrested by the Federal
Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in October on charges of
plotting terrorist attacks in Denmark and India.

"Obviously, we do have an extradition treaty with
India, but how that will work going forward, I think that’s
premature," Crowley, told reporters at a news briefing.

Early this week, FBI formally charge sheeted Headley
for being allegedly involved in the Mumbai terrorist attack.

"The FBI and Justice Department continue to share
information with our foreign and domestic law enforcement
partners in the Headley investigation," Dean Boys, spokesman,
National Security Division of the US Department of Justice

"As a matter of long-standing policy, we never
comment on extradition matters. Headley remains charged in
federal court in Chicago and the investigation continues."

In New Delhi, Union Home Secretary Pillai, told
reporters that once India completes its probe into Headley`s
links with the Mumbai terror attacks, the government will seek
his extradition.

"Once we file the charge sheet, we will definitely be
seeking access for both interrogation and at a subsequent
stage, definitely his extradition," he said.

Headley, 49, is now in a Chicago jail, had pledged
not guilty before a Chicago court early this week.