President Patil visits Mozart`s museum in Austria

The President said she was happy to learn that Indian artistes who have performed during the `Szene Salzburg` festival received an overwhelming response.

Salzburg: From Albert Einstein`s humble house to music maestro Mozart`s museum -- President Pratibha Patil`s two-nation tour of Switzerland and Austria covered it all.

It is quite possible to miss the non-assuming house of Einstein -- which is tucked away in the midst of a plethora of shops and restaurants, while walking down Berne`s central market.

At first look, the building, on the top floor of which Einstein`s house is located, looks like a cafe. On the ground floor, people could also be seen sipping their coffee.

Patil visited the place on the last day of her stay in Switzerland.

A member of the Presidential delegation later told the media that Einstein`s house, from where the science legend started his work on the Theory of Relativity, comprised of just a room and half.

The house, where Einstein stayed with his wife Mileva and son Hans between 1902 to 1909, had a common toilet, which other occupants of the house also used.

It is now a museum that proudly displays the sofa and tables among other things that the great scientist, known as the Father of Modern Physics, used.

In Switzerland, Patil had also visited the magnificent Berne Cathedral, the largest ecclesiastical building.

While its construction started in 1421, the work on the masterpiece continued under a series of different builders for generations until 1893.

In Salzburg, Patil and her delegation visited Mozart`s residence and attended a music concert on a rainy day.

The President also took a tour of the Mozart museum, where the piano that he played on, is on display.

The music maestro, whose full name was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, was a prolific and influential composer. He died at a young age of 35.

He had to his credit over 600 compositions, many of which were the best of symphonic, piano, operatic and choral music.

Mozart`s imprints can been seen on almost everything in Salzburg. From Mozart chocolates to Mozart liqueur products, one can find everything. Not to forget t-shirts and accessories. "This is the city of music. This is the city of Mozart,"
according to Aliana, an opera singer in one of the city`s theatre.

Patil, who arrived here yesterday, attended a banquet hosted by the city Governor Gabi Burgstaller in her honour.

"It gives me special pleasure, to be here in this city, with which Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is inextricably associated. In India, there is a following for Western classical music, and they all know of the great tradition of excellent music in Austria," Patil said in her speech.

The President said she was happy to learn that Indian artistes who have performed during the `Szene Salzburg` festival in the recent past, have received an overwhelming response from the city.


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