President pitches for green tech at Shanghai Expo

President Pratibha Patil Sunday stressed on adapting green technology to make cities better at the ongoing 2010 World Expo.

Shanghai: President Pratibha Patil Sunday stressed on adapting green technology to make cities better at the ongoing 2010 World Expo here as she visited the India pavilion that has the world`s largest bamboo dome with a roof that supports 60,000 plants and collects rainwater as well.

With the theme "Better City - Better Life", the six-month long event was inaugurated April 30 and Patil went to the expo in Shanghai on the last leg of her six-day China sojourn.

"I congratulate and appreciate the people of China for organising this theme. It is of great interest to the people. It is necessary to build and plan our city in such a way, that human beings live a good life," Patil told reporters, after seeing the India pavilion.

The pavilion has a dome made of bamboo with a diameter of 34.4 metres - arguably the world`s largest bamboo dome - and has been designed with features borrowed from all kinds of architecture found on the Indian subcontinent.

"We also have to send a message regarding living in harmony. I have visited India pavilion and its design and architecture is unique," Patil said. "We believe in the concept of unity in diversity which is so vital and important, for a pluralistic society."

The President also remarked about the recycled materials and green technology used in the construction of the pavilion. "We are committed to all this," she said.

About the bamboo used in the construction, a technology designed jointly by India and China, the Indian President said: "This is yet another unique example of harmony."

And what was most unique was that the pavilion`s roof supports over 60,000 plants and also collects rainwater.

Inside, a holographic audio-visual displayed the seven `chakras` of the human system and how urban development could be inspired by solutions from ancient times.

"India pavilion shows India from the ancient to present times and what progress we have made in various spheres. I hope visitors come here and carry the message of harmony," Patil said.

The number of visitors to the India pavilion exceeded all calculations.

"On April 27, we thought we will get 12,000 people. But it was heartening to see that 27,000 thronged the pavilion. Nowadays, every day we get 30 to 35,000 people. One day, it even touched 47,000 visitors," said Subhash Pani, chairman and managing director of India Trade Promotion Organisation and commissioner general of the India pavilion.

The President also witnessed a colourful dance performance that had glimpses of various Indian classical and folk dances and was choreographed by Delhi-based Maitrayee Pahari.


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