Price rise will be contained soon: Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said the prime minister would fix the problem of price rise.

Chennai: Asserting that the priceline
would be contained soon, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said that the prime minister would fix the problem.

"We are going to make sure prices are lowered. Leave
it to the prime minister," he said while interacting with
Congress members in Tamil Nadu here.

In response to Gandhi`s advise to party members to
work more at the panchayat level and be close to the people,
one of them told him that people were bothered by the price
rise, including skyrocketing prices of onion, and said they
were asking Congressmen what steps are being taken to control
the spiral.

"The prime minister will fix the problem.... You don`t
worry about it. You worry about working at the panchayat
level," Gandhi advised the party worker.

Earlier, in his address to newly elected youth Congress members in Tamil Nadu, Gandhi asked them to `slowly
and systematically` work to build the party and bring it back
to where it once belonged.

He said that if youth Congress members worked hard and
ensured that the party, which has been out of power for nearly
three decades grew into a strong one, "a day will come when
one from this group can become the chief minister."

However, he hastened to add that there were senior
Congress leaders who could reach the top post.