Problem in installing coastal security infra: Navy

Navy chief Admiral Nirmal Verma on Friday said there were some "problems" in installing coastal security infrastructure post 26/11 attacks.

New Delhi: Navy chief Admiral Nirmal Verma
on Friday said there were some "problems" in installing coastal
security infrastructure post 26/11 attacks but termed the pace
of technological upgrades as "quite reasonable".

"As far as technological upgrades are concerned, there
are few things which still have not happened. There are
problems and issues in the procurement process but I can say
that contract for most of the items have been signed," he
said here.
Replying to a question on the loopholes that still exist
in the coastal security network, he said, "The technology
related aspect has taken some time but even then I would say
that the pace at which these technological upgrades have taken
place is quite reasonable."

He said it would not be correct to suggest that the
recommendations of the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS)
after the 26/11 attacks have not been implemented.

"At times there is a feeling of impatience that why the
recommendations given by CCS during 2008-09 are still not on
place. But I would like to say that this conclusion is not
totally correct," Verma said.

According to him, a two-way approach was adopted by the
government to tackle the issue.

"The first task was to bring all the agencies and
resources on a common platform so that they can take care of
the coastal security in a better way. I can say with
confidence that a lot has happened in that area," Verma said.

He said that the meeting chaired by Cabinet Secretary to
review the progress in coastal security network is attended by
all the stake holders including various ministries and the
chief secretaries of all the coastal states.

Maintaining that the organisational set-up required for
the job is well in place, the Navy Chief said, "I have noticed
that people are made accountable for the deadlines given in
these meetings. So the organisational features are well in
According to him, "considerable progress" has been made
in the past three years in augmenting coastal security

"There has been an increase of about 70 per cent in naval
ship deployment and a 100 per cent increase in aircraft
deployment towards coastal security tasking."

On operations of Sagar Prahari Bal, he said, "It has
commenced operations with induction of first lot of Fast
Interceptor Craft (FIC) at Mumbai in June 11. A contract for
another 80 (FIC) has also been singed in August and the static
radars will be installed all along the coast by next year."

Verma said a chain of Automatic Identification Systems
(AIS) will also come up along the coast by mid 2012 and the
pilot project for fitment of transponders on fishing vessel,
less than 20 m in length, is planned for implementation in
Gujarat and Maharashtra.

These transponders will enhance capability for tracking
fishing boats in high density areas and following their
successful trials in Maharashtra, the scheme will be
implemented in other coastal states as well.

On linking all coastal stations through an independent
channel, he said navy is setting up the National Command,
Control, Communication, Intelligence Network (NCCCI) to
interlinks these with Joint Maritime Operations Centers and
the headquarters of Navy and Coast Guard.

"Further as part of NCCCI network, and Information
Management Fusion and Analysis Centre for fusing all maritime
information is being set up to develop comprehensive maritime
domain awareness and a common operational picture of relevant
sea and ocean areas," he said, terming the measure as an
important force multiplier.

Observing that fishermen are one of the stakeholders in
maritime security, he said so far 361 awareness campaigns have
been conducted in the coastal states by navy and coast guard.

Verma said the Phase-II of the coastal security
augmentation has been initiated to further improve capacity
and capability for coastal security.

"Under this initiative, additional assets such as patrol
vessels, helicopters, UAVs, manpower, special forces, forward
operating bases have been proposed. Utility of these assets
will not be limited to coastal security," he said.



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