Rajiv, Bachchan clean: Bofors scam whistleblower

After a wait of 25 years, the world finally knows who blew the lid off the multi-crore Bofors scam.

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: After a wait of 25 years, the world finally knows who blew the lid off the multi-crore Bofors scam.

In an interview to a media outlet, former Swedish Police chief Sten Lindstrom said it was him who provided leads in the illegal payoffs case. The whistleblower, so far hidden from the world, operated under the pseudonym `Swedish Deep Throat`.

Lindstrom gave the interview to the same journalist who had broken the story, Chitra Subramanian. He told her that there was virtually no evidence to indict former PM Rajiv Gandhi in the bribery scandal.

But he did add that Gandhi did little to ensure there was no cover-up of the scam both in India and Sweden.

According to Lindstrom, the main accused in the case, Ottavio Quattrocchi, could have been easily prosecuted as there was conclusive evidence against him.

"Many Indian institutions were tarred, innocent people were punished while the guilty got away," Lindstrom told the website ‘thehoot.org’. "The evidence against Ottavio Quattrocchi was conclusive. Through a front company called AE Services, bribes paid by Bofors landed in Quattrocchi`s account which he subsequently cleaned out because India said there was no evidence linking him to the Bofors deal. Nobody in Sweden or Switzerland was allowed to interrogate him," he added.

Lindstrom further said, "He (Ardbo, Bofors managing director) had written in his notes that the identity of N (Arun Nehru) becoming public was a minor concern but at no cost could the identity of Q (Quattrocchi) be revealed because of his closeness to R (Rajiv Gandhi)."

Lindstrom also said that Bollywood superstar and a close friend of Rajiv Gandhi, Amitabh Bachchan and his family had no role in the scam. The story against them was planted in Swedish newspaper by Indian investigators, he told the website.

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