Rajiv`s assassin was sentenced by SC? CBI blooper

In a glaring blooper, CBI has noted on its website that suicide bomber Dhanu was successfully put to trial and later sentenced to death by apex court.

New Delhi: In a glaring blooper, CBI has
noted on its official website that suicide bomber Dhanu, who
assassinated former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in
Sriperumbudur in 1991, was successfully put to trial by the
agency and later sentenced to death by the apex court.
This is what archives posted on the website of the
agency make viewers to believe 20 years after Dhanu blew
herself up when she killed the Congress leader. The Rajiv
Gandhi assassination is the only major case which found place
on the home page of the website.

According to the case details posted on the website,
Dhanu, along with three others, was sentenced to death by the
Supreme Court.

"The Designated TADA Court in Chennai, after a meticulous
trial, gave death sentences to all the 26 accused. However, on
an appeal to the Supreme Courts, only four (Dhanu and three
others) of them were sentenced to death. Others were given
various jail terms," the agency said.

Thenmozhi Rajratnam alias Dhanu was the suicide bomber of
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) who assassinated Rajiv
Gandhi on May 21, 1991 in Sriperumbudur, close to Chennai.

She detonated the explosives tied to her waist while
bending to touch his feet.

The CBI website link cbi.nic.in has posted details of
case investigation on the home page lauding its probe.

"Having found the meaningful clue, the SIT moved fast.
Bit by bit, it placed the whole conspiracy in place in 60
days. Almost all the main actors in the tragedy were arrested
within 90 days. In about six months, the SIT was ready to have
the culprits tried under the Terrorist and Disruptive
Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA).
"The Hon’ble Supreme Court praised the CBI and its
Special Investigating Team, SIT for doing a good job," it


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