Read Telangana report with `open mind`: PC tells leaders

Home Minister P Chidambaram urged political parties to give "impartial consideration" to the recommendations of Srikrishna Committee on Telangana.

New Delhi: Home Minister P Chidambaram on Thursday appealed to political parties in Andhra Pradesh to read the recommendations of the Justice Srikrishna Committee on Telangana with an "open mind" and give "impartial consideration" to them.

He expressed confidence that the report will generate an "informed and matured" debate on the issue.

Handing over copies of the report to leaders of political parties from the state at a meeting here, Chidambaram urged them to give "your most careful, thoughtful and impartial" consideration to the recommendations.

He asked them to read the report with an "open mind" and be prepared to persuade or be persuaded by those hold another point of view.

Chidambaram regretted the boycott of the meeting by TRS, TDP and BJP.

"It is Government`s sincere hope that the report will generate an informed and matured debate," he said.

Recalling the discussions on January 5 last year, which he said had showed the way forward -- that findings, study, analysis, options and recommendations, Chidambaram said it is the government`s hope that the discussions today will also show the way forward.

"I am sure that besides political parties, people of Andhra Pradesh -- both individuals and groups -- would also make valuable suggestions that will show the way forward.

"You will note that I have repeatedly used the phrase `way forward`. Today in order to reiterate government`s intentions to find just, honourable and practicable solutions that has the widest measure of support among all stakeholders," he said.

Referring to the joint appeal made by the January 5 meeting to people of Andhra Pradesh to maintain peace and calm, Chidambaram said it had a salutary effect.

"It is necessary that peace, harmony and law and order should be maintained in the state. I would request you to join me at the end of this meeting to make an appeal similar to the appeal we made last year," he said.

The Home Minister said it is natural that the parties will require time to read the report and hold consultations within their organisations.
Asking them to participate in today`s meeting, he said if the parties agreed, then he would suggest they meet again at a convenient date later this month.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy, Congress leaders KS Rao, Uttam Kumar Reddy, CPI-M state secretary DV Raghavalu and party leader J Ranga, PRP leader C Ramachandraiah, Akrabdduin Owaisi and Syed Ahmed Pasha Quadri of MIM, K Narayana and G Malesh of CPI attended the meeting.

TDP MP Kishtappa earlier met Chidambaram and gave a letter from the party, saying they were not attending the meeting since the decision has to be taken by the Centre and not state political parties.

Referring to the boycott, Chidambaram said some parties have chosen not to attend the meeting.

"I deeply regret the stand taken by them. It does scant justice to the valuable work done by Justice Srikrishna Committee. Nevertheless, I propose to send a copy of the report to parties who have chosen to stay away," he said.


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