Replication of W Asia-type unrest not possible in India: PM

Last Updated: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 - 17:49

New Delhi: The situation in West Asia and
recent violent incidents in Egypt are a matter of concern for
India but replication of such events is not possible in any
part of the country, including Jammu and Kashmir, Prime
Minister Manmohan Singh said on Wednesday.

"Whatever happens in the Gulf or in West Asia including
the countries mentioned (Egypt) is a matter of concern to us
...No (replication of such events is not possible in India),
because India is a functioning democracy," Singh said when
asked if Middle East-type unrest can surface in any part of
India -- in Kashmir, North-East or Maoist-controlled areas.
The Prime Minister said, "We have five million Indians in
the Gulf countries and if peace is not prevalent, if orderly
processes of management of economy and polity breaks down,
that could effect this vital community of Indians, who are
working and contributing to development of countries of West

Asserting that India is a functioning democracy where
people already have a right to change government and it has a
free press, Singh said "...There is no question that things
that have happened in Egypt and other Arab countries can be
replicated in India."
On India`s position on recent developments in Egypt, the
Prime Minister said people of Egypt want to move towards the
process of democratisation and they have "our good wishes and
that is true of all countries. We are a functioning democracy.
Though we do not believe it is our business to advise other
countries, we welcome the dawn of democracy everywhere."


First Published: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 - 17:49
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