Restore my honour: Madhavan Nair to PM

Former ISRO chief G Madhavan Nair demanded that the order barring them from govt posts should not only be revoked but also an apology tendered.

Bangalore: Battling the action against him
and three other top scientists in the controversial Antrix-
Devas deal, former ISRO chief G Madhavan Nair on Monday demanded
that the order barring them from government posts should not
only be revoked but also an apology tendered by those
responsible for it.

"Certainly. They owe an apology not to me but to the
whole country. Somebody has taken law into their hands and
they have to apologise before the country", said Nair when
asked if those who issued the order should apologise.

Nair said the earlier order was issued as per the
direction of the government and "competent authority has taken
a decision."

"Now, if the government is serious about it, it has to
direct the so-called competent authority to do the needful
(revoke the order)", he said.

He also said that the government should approach him and
the three scientists directly rather than seeking their views
through media, asserting that truth has to be established as
it`s a question of their honour.

On the statement of Minister of State in the Prime
Minister`s Office V Narayanasamy, that the government is ready
to hear their views, Nair said: "I don`t know why he
should make such statements."

"If any time they ask our views, we will give our views.
And by this time, he would have known the views of all of us",
Nair said.

The government action came in the wake of the
Antrix-Devas deal in which the private firm was allotted
scarce S band spectrum by ISRO allegedly violating rules, when
Nair was the agency`s chairman.

The decision has come in for flak from the scientific
community including Prof CNR Rao, head of the Scientific
Advisory Council to the Prime Minister, who said, they had
been "thrown out like garbage."

Nair said, "The first order copy debarring us from
Government service has not reached us. Now even such a
communication, even if it is there, government should
communicate to us directly. Why through media?"

"We are citizens of India, residing in India, we have
cell (mobile phone) connection and email connection, we have
postal address and everything is there", he said.

"Actually, we have not hijacked an aeroplane or something
so that between hijackers and the agency there will be
dialogue and what not", said Nair.

He said, "Truth has to be established. Truth will remain
truth always.So, the government should try to collect details
from the concerned people and try to establish the truth".

Asked if the "reconciliation tone" of the government was
because of strong reaction against the order by the scientific
community, he said it`s quite possible.

"I am very happy that the scientific community has given
such a reaction and they have told the government without
mincing words. But the thing is this is not an issue to be
pressurised and bring a solution and things like that".

"This is a question of honour of senior-most scientists
of the country and the Government has a responsibility to
restore their honour", Nair said.

To a question, he said he has not undergone "so much
mental strain" (following the order) even when he faced
failure of first PSLV rocket in 1993.


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