Rift between Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal widens?

Anna Hazare on Sunday changed his blog address from India against corruption (IAC) to his native place Ralegaon Siddhi.

Updated: Sep 17, 2012, 00:59 AM IST

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Giving credence to the speculation of a rift within the disbanded Team Anna, anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare on Sunday changed his blog address from India Against Corruption (IAC) to his native place Ralegaon Siddhi.

Anna Hazare said politics will not deliver a better future for people and asked those planning to join his anti-corruption movement to contact him in Ralegan Siddhi.

Till now, the Hazare-led movement was headquartered in Delhi and run under the banner of India Against Corruption perceived to be controlled by Kejriwal.

Hazare publicised the address of Brashtachar Virodhi Jan Andolan in Ralegan Siddhi as his contact point for those who want to associate with his movement.

This is the second time in the past three days that Hazare has commented on the issue anti-corruption movement taking a political turn, the first being a video shot by those opposed to the political course taken by a section of the erstwhile Team Anna and the latest his blog post.

In the blog, Hazare said the ruling and opposition parties are not serious about curbing corruption and the recent disclosures about donations in which they have used a clause to hide the names of donors from public showed their intentions.

"The ruling party and some others says that FDI will change the economic situation in the country while opposition says it is harmful for the country. Both the sides are trying to cut each other keeping 2014 elections in mind.

"Many regional parties have eight to 20-25 MPs in Parliament and they are pressurising the government for packages. What will these kinds of people do for the betterment of society?" he said.

Claiming that he "does not believe that politics will get a better future for the country", he said the character of the movement should changed from targeting government, which is not likely to change, to focussing on ensuring that good people enter Parliament.

The rift between the members of now disbanded of Team Anna came surfaced when at the height of their anti-corruption crusade some memebers objected to the movement taking a political hue.
Likewise, the members have disagreed on several issues like on alliance with Baba Ramdev`s agitation, expulsion of a Muslim leader (Kazmi)and also on the issue of whether Team Anna should form a political party or not.
However, Anna Hazare has been maintaining that there was no rift between any of them.

"If there was a rift, we would have been fighting. There is no fallout," Hazare had said, as per reports.

Earlier, while indicating his disagreement over his anti-graft movement taking a political plunge, Anna Hazare had said politics "will not bring change" and that to a large extent people believe there was no need to form a party or contest elections.

With Anna Hazare’s point of view clashing with that of Arvind Kejriwar`s it seems that the end of a united team against corruption is taking its last breath, rest time will show the actual truth.