Right to recall may destabilise structure: Advani

Differing with Team Anna, BJP leader LK Advani disfavoured the introduction of the Right to Recall saying it may destabilise the whole structure.

Mumbai: Differing with Team Anna, BJP leader L
K Advani on Saturday disfavoured the introduction of the Right to
Recall saying it may destabilise the whole structure in a
country as big as India.

"I am inclined to agree with the Chief Election
Commissioner that in a country as vast as ours, it (Right to
Recall) may have consequences which may destabilise the whole
structure," he told reporters here today.
Chief Election Commissioner S Y Quraishi had recently said
that the Right to Recall could destabilise the country.

Advani also said nowhere in the world had such a measure
been enforced.

"Therefore, it is not surprising that nowhere in the world
except in one small country somewhere, has the Right to Recall
been accepted," he said.

Team Anna has been vigorously campaigning in favour of
Right to Recall which has not found favour with the Election
Commission of India as well.

Advani, however, favoured electoral reforms in the country
especially measures that could help stop use of blackmoney in
elections and criminalisation of politics.
He said the BJP had been in the forefront in seeking
electoral reforms and said his party colleague Atal Bihari
Vajpayee had raised the issue of electoral reforms way back in
1970 and forced Parliament to set up a Joint Committee on the

Advani said, "We are keen to see whatever is needs to be
done about electoral reforms is expedited. There is no doubt
that electoral reforms, if effectively implemented, can deal
with the role of money power in elections which is bound to
curb corruption."

Alleging extensive use of black money in elections in the
country the BJP leader said, "I also believe that the issue of
black money and elections are interlinked. If you want to deal
with corruption in the country, the issue of electoral reforms
must be addressed," he said.


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