RSS top brass shielded Ajmer blast accused?

Two RSS leaders allegedly shielded the 2007 Ajmer blast accused, claims CBI.

New Delhi: The RSS `dark face` has come to light as the CBI has reportedly claimed that two Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leaders allegedly shielded the 2007 Ajmer blasts accused.

The two RSS functionaries from Uttar Pradesh- Ashok Varshney and Ashok Berry - have reportedly confessed that they had organised accused Devender Gupta`s stay in Lucknow and Sitapur.

The CBI would be submitting its findings before the court soon.

The Rajasthan Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) had arrested Devendra Gupta of Ajmer, Chandrashekhar Borad and Lokesh Sharma in connection with the Ajmer dargah bomb blast case.

The Rajasthan ATS detained Lokesh Sharma on May 14, after arresting two others, Chandrashekhar Borad and Devendra Gupta, on April 29 in connection with the blast.

A small bomb had exploded just after evening prayers on October 11, 2007, at the famed Sufi shrine, resulting in the deaths of three and injuries to 17 others.

Meanwhile, CBI director Ashwani Kumar said the CBI and the state police forces are jointly investigating the 2007 Ajmer bomb blast case.

"As far as these cases are concerned they are under investigation and we are doing a joint investigation with Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Haryana and other police forces," said Kumar when asked about the involvement of RSS leaders Ashok Varshney and Ashok Beri in the blast.

"As soon as we make a breakthrough we`ll tell you. For the time being I have no comments to make because the investigation is on," he added.

Kumar further said that the media would be informed about the court trials and the charges that will be made against the accused.

"I have already set five stages of investigations. We have registered a complaint on the Ajmer Sharif blast. When we conduct searches or carry out arrest we are duty-bound to share it with the courts and with you," said Kumar.

"When we complete our investigations, we will share it with you. When the matter goes to trial we`ll let you know what charges we are going to agitate before the court," he added.