Sethusamudram: `Govt waging indirect war against Indian civilisation`

The BJP took on the UPA Government over its stand to go ahead with the Sethusamudram project.

New Delhi: Taking on the UPA Government over its stand to go ahead with the Sethusamudram project despite the RK Pachauri Committee report suggesting it unviable, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday said that the Centre has declared an indirect war against Indian civilisation.

Accusing the government of polarising the nation on communal line by taking such steps, senior BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Balbir Punj said his party will fight against the decision in and outside Parliament.

“The government stand on the issue is very unfortunate. They have declared an indirect war against Indian civilisation, because the Ramayana and God Ram are the integral part of our civilisation. The government is not giving any rational logic behind dismissing the Pachauri Committee recommendations,” said Punj.

“The project will be a disaster for environmental and sentimental points of view and it will not going to benefit economically also. The government has decided to go ahead with the project by ignoring the sentiments of the majority only to polarise the nation on communal lines. It needs to be condemned by all right thinking people and the BJP will fight against it in and outside Parliament,” he added.

RK Pachauri Committee, which was constituted on the Supreme Court direction, submitted its report on Friday, suggesting the entire Sethusamudram project unviable on two fronts – economically as ecologically.

However, the government has rejected the Pachauri Committee report and submitted an affidavit in the Supreme with and intention to pursue the project cutting through the Adam’s Bridge, popularly known as Ram Setu.