Special cell needed for Letters Rogatory: CVC

The CVC has asked government to empower CBI to send its team of sleuths to any place outside the country.

New Delhi: Concerned over unusual delay faced
by investigating agencies in seeking information from foreign
nations in corruption cases, the CVC has asked government to
put in place measures, including constituting a special cell
for Letters Rogatory (LRs), to speed up the process.

In its recommendations, the Central Vigilance Commission
has also asked government to empower CBI to send its team of
sleuths to any place outside the country and including posting
special police officers in missions abroad .

"On a review of the existing procedure/methodology
followed for investigations abroad, it is observed that the
system requires certain improvements both for speeding up the
process and for delivering qualitative results," the anti-
probity watchdog said in its annual report.

"The measures consists of (a) empowering Director, CBI to
send teams for investigation abroad as per requirement of the
case under investigation, (b) setting up of a cell with law
officers in each law enforcement agency for preparation of LR to ensure that it does not suffer from any legal infirmity.

"(c) to enact a separate and special law amending
existing law for enhancing mutual assistance and international
cooperation in criminal matters and investigation abroad and
(d) posting of police officers as Police Liaison officers in
Indian Embassies/High Commission on the lines being followed
by different countries," it said in report for 2010.

The Letters Rogatory or LR are formal communication sent
by the Court in which action is pending to a foreign court or
judge requesting the testimony of a witness residing within
the jurisdiction of that foreign court.

"Considering the significance to expedite investigation
abroad by the CBI which in turn would improve its functioning,
the Commission has taken up these matters with the government
to consider implementation of these measures," the report

The CVC, which exercises superintendence over the
functioning of CBI in matters relating to investigation of
offences under the Prevention of Corruption Act, has been
actively involved in probe in various high profile cases like
2G spectrum allocation scam and Commonwealth Games financial
bungling among others.

During the year 2010, 1009 regular cases/preliminary
enquiries were registered by CBI. At the end of the year, 815
cases/enquiries were pending investigation/enquiry, the CVC
report for 2010 said.

The probity watchdog`s annual report was submitted to
President Pratibha Patil on June 30 this year.


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