SpiceJet AC fails midair, passenger faints

Passengers on board SpiceJet flight had a harrowing time after the aircraft’s AC failed midair.

Zeenews Bureau

Ahmedabad: Passengers on board SpiceJet’s Goa-Ahmedabad flight had a harrowing time after the aircraft’s air-conditioning system failed midair, leading to a passenger fainting due to suffocation.

This shocking case of laxity and inadequate service took place late Monday on board the Bangalore-Goa-Ahmedabad-Kolkata SpiceJet flight SG 806. In an otherwise normal flight from Goa, the AC suddenly stopped working causing suffocation in the cabin which eventually led to a passenger fainting, following which the captain diverted to Mumbai where the passengers were offered medical assistance while airline fixed the AC system.

The passenger who fainted has been hospitalised.

One of the travellers said that after the plane landed, a passenger was taken to Nanavati Hospital in an ambulance.
However, the passengers have another story to say, as per them the AC was not working even when it was on the tarmac in Goa but the crew had assured them it will function properly soon as soon as the aircraft is airborne, but it didn’t.

A newspaper has quoted one passengers as saying: “After we complained, the SpiceJet authorities told us, ‘Hindustan mei rehna hai toh yeh sab sehna padega’ instead of helping us out.”

Another passenger described the horror in the air saying the temperature inside the flight was well above normal and they were all wet with perspiration but the airline crew refused to heed to their discomfort.

Ronak Mehta, who was onbroad, alleged that there was no
first aid material in the aircraft and passengers had no water
to drink.
The irate passengers are now demanding compensation from the airline.

The SpiceJet spokesperson in a statement issued after the incident, said, “There was a medical emergency on the flight heading to Ahmedabad and medical assistance has been provided to the passenger. However, this situation was not related to the airconditioning.”

On the other hand airport sources said, "There was some problem in the functioning of the air
conditioning unit and passengers were feeling uneasy. Hence,
the aircraft had to make an emergency landing. All passengers
are safe."

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