Strong decision could solve Kashmir problem: Sinha

Lt Gen SK Sinha said a solution to Kashmir can be achieved if govt takes strong decisions.

Bhopal: Former Jammu and Kashmir Governor, Lt Gen SK Sinha has said that a solution for the Kashmir problem can be achieved only if the government takes strong decisions and makes way for good administration in that state.

"It is important that both the Centre and the state government take decisions on the basis of the real situation in Jammu and Kashmir instead of indulging in partisanship," Sinha said at a seminar on the Kashmir issue here on Sunday evening.
He said that when Pakistan failed to annex Kashmir through war, it chose the path of terrorism and when it did not succeed even in this, it adopted the strategy of sponsoring a mass movement.

It was highly regrettable that the present Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister was talking of bringing back into the mainstream those who had been taken part in terrorist camps against India for the last 10 years, the former Governor said.
"It is also sad that neither the Centre nor the Jammu and Kashmir government are serious about the problems being faced by the Kashmiri pandits," Sinha added.