Team Anna distorting facts: Govt

Pranab Mukherjee said parliamentary processes cannot be bypassed and the same was made clear to Team Anna.

New Delhi: Accusing Team Anna of "distorting" facts about the meetings to resolve the Lokpal issue, government late Wednesday night said parliamentary processes cannot be bypassed and the same was made clear to the activists after considering their proposals.

Rebutting the charge by Team Anna that there was a dramatic change in government`s "tone" at the latest round of talks, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said Team Anna had made certain demands at a meeting with government representatives on Tuesday.

"Today, I informed them that government considered these proposals and it is not possible to do it," he told reporters in New Delhi.

Mukherjee said Team Anna had demanded that the government Lokpal Bill will be withdrawn and the Jan Lokpal Bill be introduced, it should not go through the Standing Committee and Parliament pass it within the monsoon session.

"Now that this distorted view has come, neither there is question of going back to square one nor there is change in government`s attitude because if the government would have changed its attitude, there was no reason of resuming dialogue since yesterday," he said.

Mukherjee said he had told the activists that the Parliamentary Standing Committee can consider and make any amendments it wants and the process of Committee will be expedited and put on fast track.

Asked about Team Anna`s remarks that Mukherjee had told them that Hazare`s health condition was not the government`s concern, the minister said, "They are putting words in my mouth.”

"I am repeatedly making appeal (to Hazare to end his fast). I made the appeal yesterday, I made appeal today," the minister said.

On Team Anna`s charge there was a dramatic change this evening compared to government`s approach yesterday, he said had the government changed its attitude there was no reason for resuming dialogue.

"We are ready to discuss with them. But we can find a way out. We will try to do that," Mukherjee said when asked whether the government would continue to hold talks with Team Anna.


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